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After School Girlfriend

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After School Girlfriend is a girlfriend sim game for the Oculus Quest and other standalone VR headsets. Note: This game is hand-tracking only. If the controllers don’t seem to work that’s why.


After School Girlfriend VR Game Description

Last Updated 12/26/2021

AfterSchool Girlfriend it’s date-sim game for Oculus Quest with handtracking.

For support of the game their patreon page.
Whats new 0.3 version:

  • PushUp minigame
  • Running minigame
  • Collecting jobs minigames
  • Sex minigame
  • Stats increasing, money system
  • Save system(currently not working properly)

Latest Update Includes:

  • Changed UI
  • Bug Fixes with Sex Poses, UI interaction and many other small issues.
  • Sounds Added(sex moans, claps)
  • Head pop Locomotion(walk in place to move)
  • New Locations Gym(will have mini-games), Street(Bridge to other Locations: Cafe, Shop in development)
  • Pose IK Handle
  • Running Girl on Gym

This game uses hand tracking. It does not use controllers.
Check in your headset settings if hand tracking is enabled.
All menu interactions are done through hand gestures.

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For more info, read the full After School Girlfriend VR Hentai game review.

8 reviews for After School Girlfriend

  1. lewdreview

    The only girlfriend sim for the Oculus Quest. For that reason, I give thumbs up

  2. dextinite


    cant figure out how to start the game. says activation menu but dont know how to interact with anything.

  3. FoxDoABarrelRoll


    I’m stuck in the menu and don’t know how to start the game
    Can anyone help me with this issue pls?

  4. Cole (verified owner)

    What are the gestures?

  5. IntroJaK

    IntroJaK (verified owner)

    For $10 on Quest2, not worth trying to deal with a glitchy menu, tracking problems, and unaligned positioning.

  6. Josh

    Stick in a boot load I assume, never got past the loading game dots so I’ll never know really. I’m happy to water my review but till then probably don’t bother.

  7. admin


    One of the best Hentai games that can run natively on the Quest. The developer adds constant support and is always updating the game with new features.

  8. Anonymous

    Is it compatible with oculus quest 2

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Hello, so i’m indie developer.
Who want’s create games with our precious Waifu’s.
+18 type of games.
And now i focused in VR/AR release.
In future games will be like A projects like multiplayer, MOBA type, shooter or anything.
It’s up to your suggesting.