AfterSchool Girlfriend

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After School Girlfriend is a girlfriend sim game for the Oculus Quest and other standalone VR headsets. Still in alpha but includes dance animations, handtracking and sexy physics.

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Nekuma is building the first fully-fledged girlfriend simulator for the Oculus Quest. The game features a beautiful hentai model, sex scenes, body physics, and hand tracking.

This game is still under development. Please support the developer by visiting the NekumaSoft Patreon page.

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0.11 Version Features:

  • VR girl customization – breast and thigh sliders, dozens of hair options
  • Multiple sex positions – missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl, and many more

This game uses hand tracking. It does not use controllers.
Check in your headset settings if hand tracking is enabled.
All menu interactions are done through hand gestures.

3 reviews for AfterSchool Girlfriend

  1. lewdreview

    The only girlfriend sim for the Oculus Quest. For that reason, I give thumbs up

  2. dextinite


    cant figure out how to start the game. says activation menu but dont know how to interact with anything.

    • admin


      The game is hand tracking based. You don’t use controllers. You use hand gestures. Make sure your Quest has hand tracking enabled in the settings.

  3. FoxDoABarrelRoll


    I’m stuck in the menu and don’t know how to start the game
    Can anyone help me with this issue pls?

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Hello, so i’m indie developer.
Who want’s create games with our precious Waifu’s.
+18 type of games.
And now i focused in VR/AR release.
In future games will be like A projects like multiplayer, MOBA type, shooter or anything.
It’s up to your suggesting.