Captain of the Guard

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Captain of the guard by MortVR is a VR futa game that lets you explore a magical cave filled with sexy secrets.

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Captain of the Guard Game Description

Inspired by a wildly popular mmorpg in an alternate universe, Captain of the Guard was developed by an artist named MortVR. MortVR abandoned the game for unknown reasons but his salacious VR futa creation is still available online for those who know where to look.

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Game Features

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4 reviews for Captain of the Guard

  1. admin


    Decent game if you like futa.

  2. Mdank

    Doesn’t support Valve index so can’t even play, graphics looked good though. Wish I could play.

  3. nayu

    If you love futas, dranaies and wow.. this game is just for you. Sadly it dosnt have much.. you can watch the sweetie jerk off for you.. and thats it… sadly² the game got abbandond.. 🙁

  4. Jareth Hayseed

    Decent Simulator if you love being fucked in the lore by Lady Rose

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MortVR makes strange adult VR games with futanari characters. His bizarre creations tickle the genitals and spark the imagination like few others do.