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A strange VR sex game with sexy anthro creatures who spend their leisure time in a swingers club called Desire Den. Please support the developer by visiting the Frosted Brain Patreon page.

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If you like having sex with bizarre anthro-creatures that resemble alien reptiles then this game is for you. The VR demo is very limited and comes from an old build of the game. Purchasing the full game from Steam will get you the following features:

  • Roomscale locomotion so you can peep from every angle
  • Fully interactable objects so you can pick up and throw shit
  • Physical naughty bits so you slap and grope to your heart’s content
  • Dialogue trees that encourage unique expression
  • Eight fully-animated VR sex scenes
  • Hidden dragon eggs and other strange secrets

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Fetish, Sex Simulator



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Free Demo, Touch Compatible

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  1. LewdReviewer

    Strange theme but very colorful

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Frosted Brain is an VR sex game developer based in Houston, Texas. It’s a one-man operation that leverages the power of love, lust, and Unity to create yiff themed VR porn content.