Dr. Deviant

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Dr. Deviant is a VR fetish game with sandbox style gameplay and realistic physics. The free demo is very basic and is primarily there just to check compatibility. A more feature-rich version is available on the Dr. Deviant Subscribestar page.


Dr. Deviant is a realistic bondage game that doesn’t shy away from darker themes. The game takes place in a remote hospital where no one is around to hear the patients scream. You choose from a sexy selection of babes and toys then proceed to induce multiple orgasms on your docile subjects.

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Game Features

Soft Body Physics, Touch Compatible

2 reviews for Dr. Deviant

  1. lewdreview


    An adult VR game that’s as creepy as it is sexual.

  2. TT69420


    Great game, the reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is because the controls like movement and how you can pick up the girls just doesn’t feel right. Hopefully this gets fixed soon, otherwise this game is worth checking it out!

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