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Kemmy’s VR Viewer is a colorful an adult VR enviroment where Kemonokun stores some of his sexy game assets.

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This is not so much a game but a viewer. The player can walk around a small town and look at some sexy VR characters created in Unreal.

If you for some reason decide to play while having friends over, they can press “1,2,3, or 4” on the keyboard to run around too with a first person view

Developer Description:

The goal is to be able to easily import all animations I do into unreal – so what you are seeing here is the first outcome of LOADS of things I did recently – a whole new animation rig, rebuilding most characters, making complete new animations for DOS and everything. I now have a framework I can relatively easily expand with all animations I do from now on

Sounds nice? One Rendered and VR version of every animation I do from now on? :3 I do think so and am pretty excited! ^_^

For now, there is only one “room”, filled with discarded assets from dungeons of sex, which I used for testing. And since i don’t want to let them get to waste completely here you go :3

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