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Perv simulator is a fun and absurd VR experience to play with or without your friends (if you have any that is). It gives you the thrilling experiences of being a voyeur, looking at women and satisfying your pervert needs.

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It’s time to let your creep flag fly in this unique VR porn game where you watch girls change, shower and, if you’re lucky, masturbate. Using your best stealth abilities, you must sneak through gardens and windows to get your rocks off without getting caught.

In this adult VR game, you must use everything at your disposal to maximize your performance. Add items to your trusty backpack, stack up crates, climb ladders, and collect trophies to become the biggest pervert the world has ever known.

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Fetish, Girlfriend Simulator, Stealth, Stripper

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Teluma Games is a VR porn game developer with a sense of humor. Their hilarious sex simulator implements voyeur and stealth mechanics to give you an authentic peeping Tom experience.