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World’s first hologram sex scene, shot in 2013 and initial version released in 2015 by PrimaVR. The skin of the holograms is interactive, and can be felt through VR controller haptics. Leap Motion is supported.


PrimaVR is a volumetric sex video for VR porn fans: you can interactively push the hologram skin and feel it through the VR controllers. The product includes a hologram video player software, which supports Leap Motion and 3 different skin colors for your avatar’s hands.

This world’s first hologram sex scene was first released in 2015 during the Oculus Rift DK2 era. The hologram video player software has received several updates since.

Length: 33 minutes
Scene content: hardcore, male-female, Asian, blowjob, massage wand, doggystyle, missionary, cowgirl, facial

PrimaVR Features

  • Body Tracking: Full freedom of head movements including leaning and turning.
  • Haptics: Touch and feel the hologram actors with VR controllers.
  • Holobody: Interact with the holograms using your hands.

Dev Description

Our small core team has many years of experience with virtual reality and 3D scanning. Using this knowledge we have created a basic hologram video production pipeline that includes custom software for filming, editing, and viewing hologram video content.

The hologram filming technology that we have created is very affordable, and well suited for film producers that can’t use $20k-150k for hologram capture setups that it usually would require. We believe that hologram video technology will be first adopted by adult entertainment industry, sports industry, training instructors, and telepresence companies, followed by other media producers.

Our goal is to advance the technology further so that multiple sensors can be used to capture the backside of actors, and to develop efficient compression formats to stream such hologram content. If you are an investor who wants to take part in the future of virtual reality films

Before purchase, download the free demo from

* Windows operating system
* 8.9 GB of free disk space

Requirements for VR headsets:
* DX11 graphics card
* SteamVR application ( )

Recommended hardware: Intel Core i5 and GeForce GTX 970, or equivalent AMD hardware.

This product is for adults only.
18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement

Additional information




Sex Simulator, Stripper

Game Features

Body Scans, Live Action, Mocap, Touch Compatible


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PrimaVR is a trail blazer in the adult VR industry. As one of the few companies that are pushing the limits of VR tech, this forward-thinking group of tech enthusiasts is on the avant-garde of auto-erotica.