Primrose Dungeon

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This VR porn mini-game is a short demo of Primrose Dungeon that Sunbath Games released to celebrate 10k followers. The game showcases a hot female character named Primrose. Please support the developer by visiting the SunbathGames Patreon


Primrose Dungeon Game Description

Sunbath Games is making a VR porn game called Primrose Dungeon. The game features a beautiful character named Primrose who likes to be sexually submissive. This free teaser, is not the full title but it still conveys a sense of how hot the game is by providing a fun little mini-game where you spank her with a paddle, showcasing the top-rate game mechanics and jiggle physics that this game boasts.

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Fetish, Sex Simulator

Game Features

Bondage, Free Demo, Soft Body Physics, Touch Compatible


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Sunbath Games is making an adult VR game called Primrose Dungeon that aims to let the user play around with high fidelity physics based gameplay, like in popular VR games Half Life: Alyx and BoneWorks.