The FarmThis Gallery


View the 3D animations of FarmThis on desktop & VR. Fantastic fetishistic fantasy forms for your fulfillment.


Farm This VR Game Description

View the 3D animations of farmthis on desktop & VR. Fantastic fetishisitc fantasy forms for your fullfilment.

In the Farmthis Gallery eight animated scenes from the popular ero artist farmthis have been converted to be viewable from every angle, with added sound, voice acting and sinister settings.

Get up-close and personal, hear their moans and enjoy the view in this virtual gallery.

I am working on more features and scenes. At least 1 more scene is in the works and I am planning a few experimental features/modes.


9 scenes featuring farmthis animations

VR & Desktop modes – supports Vive & Oculus Quest 2!

Notes on the Quest 2 version:

Most of the scenes work great although there are a few issues I need to highlight.

These issues will be fixed in the first update that will add the new content.

The performance in the “lab” scene needs to be improved.
The “mensroom” scene takes a little while to load but otherwise works fine.
The Torch has been disabled in the “Lab” & “Exercise Room” scenes
Feel free to leave feedback and suggestions on Twitter @FriskyBishop








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