Villain Simulator

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Villain Simulator is a VR porn game that lets you tease a captive young girl.  There’s a variety of sex toys to interact with as you explore the environment and play with the sexy characters.

Note: This game is under constant development. If you prefer to have instant access to the latest updates please consider supporting ZnelArts on Subscribestar.

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Villain Simulator Game Description

Remember those old super heroes  episodes?  The campy 60’s series where a dynamic duo always wound up in some nefarious trap,  only to escape at the very last minute? I often found myself fantasizing about catching them  in my own elaborate, sexy trap. The struggle, the helplessness … the submission, it all seemed so intense.

Finally, I have recreated that fantasy in virtual reality, for all of us to enjoy!  Whip,  spank,  squeeze,  and shock your own captive femme fatale because just this once — the villain has won and the villain it’s you…Jump into the Villain Simulator and discover why bad guys have more fun >:)


  • Supports Desktop and VR Mode (Oculus & Vive)
  • Interact with a collection of devious pleasure tools
  • Teach 4 different characters the pleasure to be found in pain
  • Sit back and … relax …  with “Robot Arm” auto-play

LewdVRGames  builds will be delayed  months after their release on Patreon.

Desktop Mode Controls

WASD – Movement

E – Grab/Interact

R – Reset Game

Ctrl – Toggle Crouch

Left Click – Shoot/activate

Right Click – Toggle Hands / Toggle Laser Aim

O – Debug Panel / Cheat Console

VR Mode Controls

Trigger – Shot / Interact / Activate UI Buttons

Grab – Grab

Joystick/Pad up – Teleport / UI Pointer

Joystick/Pad left/right – Snap Turn

Right Menu Button –  Toggle Laser Aim


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Game Features

Bondage, Free Demo, Touch Compatible

1 review for Villain Simulator

  1. jokerstar

    Lots of toys and interactions in this game.

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ZnelArts is one of the OGs of VR porn game development. His virtual voyeur game La Douche was one of the most advanced VR sex games for its time and still holds up extremely well. His more recent project Villain Simulator is even more ambitious and explores a wild theme with a bunch of unique character interactions. Never content with the status quo, Znelarts is a true creative artist who has been pushing the boundary of virtual reality porn for years.