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Yiffalicious is the most popular adult VR game for furry fans. Please support the artist by visiting the Yiffalicious’s Patreon page.


Yiffalicious is the quintessential furry game for VR. The game has a ton of content to explore and a very active community. The theme isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea but if you’re into furries this is the best VR has to offer.

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5 reviews for Yiffalicious

  1. lewdreview


    The best furry game in VR (if that’s what you’re into).

  2. DefinitelyOnAWatchList

    Until the sequel comes out, this is the best furry game out there, even just on a monitor. Characters have realistic soft-body physics, including deforming genitalia. All content is in the form of community created scenes, and characters are limited to a select few with limited customization able to be done via external 3d modeling software. Some of the most popular scenes are on par with 3d animations created by professional 3d furry animators, and the scene maker allows for editing and customization of a shared scene. Definitely a must try for anyone into any type of anthropomorphic animal.

  3. Richardbdp

  4. balance99


    Can I play this game without downloading? Downloading with my stand alone headset does nothing.

  5. kasinko


    its and awsome game. has tons of user created content

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