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VR Ero Beat Review


VR Ero-Beat is a free VR game for the Oculus Quest that you can plan directly within your Oculus browser. No download is required.

Created by the developer RockHardVR, the game offers a refreshing alternative to the generic VR sex sims that inundate the market. That’s because it’s actually a proper game with real challenges, progression, and a leaderboard.

Ero Beat has a unique gameplay loop that’s inspired by the famous VR rhythm game Beat Saber. You pinch, grab, and slap a cute anime girl to the rhythm of the music.  Players have the choice to play with controllers or hand motion. There is a variety of music and you can even build your own custom tracks with the Beat Editor.


How to Launch Ero Beat VR

The game is recommended to be played on the Oculus Quest or Oculus Go, but you can also try it out in PC VR (headset+PC) with the help of special web browsers.

Ero Best is not a downloadable game, but a WebXR game, so you play it directly in your browser, making it convenient for anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of downloading and installing a new game into the headset.

To play the game, follow this link and check out the section called VR Ero-Beat Games:

To start a game mode, you simply need to click on one of the game modes available, which looks like this:

Menus & Navigation

Navigating the menu is very easy and comfortable, every section is straightforward and simple to understand, making it painless to explore.

Touring through the options is smooth and simple, making it fun to try out all the customizations available for creating the sexy girl of your dreams without issues.



As mentioned earlier, you have the ability to build custom stages with the help of the Beat Editor, but the customization doesn’t stop there, you can also tweak multiple aspects of the girls you are interacting with.

Ranging from a variety of clothes to changing her eyes size, you can build your dream girl and can even save the changes you make as a preset so that you can bring your dream girls back in the game every time you come back to VR Ero-Beat.



You can change the size of most of her body parts, such as her eyes, breast, hips, thigh, hands, arms, legs, and more.



The goal of VR Ero-Beat is to achieve the best score possible, by doing the right action at the right moment, depending on where the cursor appears along with the beat.

Sometimes the girl will be facing you, other times she will turn and bend over to show her butt, and sometimes she will be sitting. One thing is for sure – she will always give the player a sexy view and is never shy about showing her more intimate areas.



There are multiple difficulty levels so you don’t have to worry about running out of excitement after mastering the first girl/stage.

Create your dream girl and climb your way up in the leaderboard, to prove to the world that you can master the rhythm!



Hand tracking option

Most of the time, hand-tracking features can be tedious to use in VR games, but it is not the case with VR Ero-Beat. Hand tracking is very smooth and accurate, giving realistic and instant movements when waving your hands and fingers.



Of course, to have the best accuracy it’s advised to play in a well-lighted room (when using hand-tracking features), but during my hand-motion session, I did not have good lighting and was still able to get a pretty accurate and stable hand motion gameplay. I highly recommend giving it a try if you’ve never played a hand-tracking game in VR before.

When playing VR Ero-Beat with hand-tracking activated, the water pistols that are usually used to splash your dream girl, are replaced with bongos appearing in front of you as the beat goes on. Smash them at the right moment and your dream lady will receive a slapping on different parts of her body.

The hand-tracking feature is perfect for dominant players who enjoy a little more intense role-play. (Don’t worry, she enjoys it!)



Beat Editor

One of the cool features available to the public is the Beat Editor.

You can create your very own beat-map with your own choice of music, making the replayability of this VR porn game limitless. Enjoy hours of sexy rhythm fun, with the beats that make you vibe.



VR Ero-Beat is a VR hentai game played solo, which means you cannot play with other friends at the same time, BUT, one of the features gives the game a taste of multiplayer competition: The Leaderboard.

Thanks to the leaderboard, you can compete with other players around the world by beating their high scores and leaving your name on the board.

Whether by splashing her clothes or slapping her ass, complete the actions synchronized with the rhythm to achieve the best score possible, then leave your mark for everyone to see, by typing your name in the leaderboard.

Become the best VR Ero-Beat player, climb your way to the top!




VR Ero-Beat is a good quality VR sex game that offers a lot of hours of replayability, thanks to the beat editor and all the customization offered to players.

While customization makes the game less repetitive, the main reason why players come back for more is the leaderboard, which gives the players the goal of achieving a good ranking between other players around the world.

The control is smooth, the gameplay is original, and the beat makes it amusing.

And since it’s FREE there is no reason why this game should be left behind, everyone can have an exciting moment going through the different difficulty levels, or create a totally custom Beat Track. This VR hentai game is definitely recommended.

Have fun slapping and splashing a babe customized by you with your own tastes.

Play the game:
More about the developer:
Beat Editor:


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  1. I’ve played this more than I would like to admit, I really can’t believe this is free. Really cool for people that are into sexy stuff, not only to jerk-off but to be entertained with it and have some fun with it!

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