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VR Hand Revolution Game Review

RockHardVR Game Review Featured Image

VR Hand Revolution is a WebVR porn game from RockHardVR with advanced hand-tracking. The game is WebVR compatible which means there’s absolutely no download or installation required. To play the game, just go to in your VR browser and click on the free demo.

Frictionless Gaming

RockHard VR leverages the power of HTML5 and WebXR, to make fun VR games that can be played on any headset. His latest game, VR Hand Revolution, takes this convenience to the next level by adding hand-tracking to the mix. This means that an Oculus Quest user can now throw on their headset, open their Oculus browser and jump directly into a game. No cables, downloads, installations, or even controllers are required.

The game is designed to be played from any posture so there’s no need to align yourself with the characters either. You can play the game from any position including sitting, standing, laying down (see image below).

rockhardvr vr hand revolution sex positions illustration



VR Hand Revolution has two different versions. There is a free version that can be streamed on and a Premium version that unlocks the full game (the premium version comes with a subscription to Premium). Rather than presenting a single linear narrative, the game offers you a choice of several different characters and scenarios. You make your selection based on your personal taste.

Within each scenario, there are two primary modes – a foreplay mode and a hardcore mode. The foreplay mode is where you get to know the sexy character by exploring a variety of virtual interactions. This mode is best used with controllers. The hardcore mode is when the clothes come off and the real fun begins. This mode is where the hand-tracking really shines.

rockhardvr vr hand revolution game list

VR Hand Revolution Guide

The game is surprisingly intuitive to play but here is a quick guide to help new users get started.

Each scene starts with an intro sequence that allows you to get acquainted with the girl. The developer recommends that everyone watch the intro scene to build attraction.
rockhardvr vr hand revolution intro scene


Foreplay Mode

After the intro sequence, you enter “Foreplay Mode” which is all about touching, slapping, and kissing the girl. The girl reacts to every touch in a cute way that builds chemistry and immersion. As already mentioned, this mode is better suited for controllers than hand-tracking but hand tracking can be managed if you’re persistent enough.
rockhardvr vr hand revolution foreplay mode


Stroking Mode

Once the foreplay is finished, it’s time to start stroking. The game detects your hand motion and syncs the movement to the girl’s hips. This is the best part of the game. It’s really cool to have your physical sensations match what you’re seeing in VR.
rockhardvr vr hand revolution stroking mode


Climax Mode

Finally, it’s time for the money shot. Making a special hand gesture will indicate that you’re ready to cum and initiate the bukkake sequence in the game. It was smart of RockHardVR to give the player a way to initiation the cum sequence without having to pick up their controller or enter a menu system. This is the only game to have this feature.
rockhardvr vr hand revolution orgasm mode


Playable Tutorial

The developer recommends that players start with a specific scene because it includes a detailed tutorial on the hand-tracking system which applies to all the others in the series. The tutorial scene has the following cover image:
rockhardvr vr hand revolution tutorial



The game’s style is surprisingly detailed for a WebVR game. Despite the obvious limitations that come with making the game assets small enough to stream, RockHardVR has managed to present characters that are sexy and feminine. In an industry inundated with anime, it’s refreshing to see a developer embrace a more classic Western beauty standard. What the game lacks in visual realism, it more than makes up for in fun and convenience.

Inspiration for the Game

As soon as the Quest Hand Tracking was announced, this was posted on a Reddit forum.
rockhardvr vr hand revolution reddit


Posts like this made RockHardVR realize that hand-tracking and VR porn were a perfect match.
When RockHardVR got his first PC VR Headset in 2019, the first thing he played was VR Kanojo. It was impressive, but it fell short because the player was constantly interrupted by the need to use the menu. Plus, the immersion suffered because the game sex wasn’t in sync with the player’s strokes.


There have been several VR sex games that attempt to solve this problem. Of all these attempts,  VR Hand Revolution is special because it doesn’t require any gadgets and relies entirely on the motion of the player’s own hands.  While the Oculus Quest hand-tracking isn’t always perfect, it’s by far the most convenient way to sync up with a girl in VR.



VR Hand Revolution solves two very common VR sex problems – the problem of controllers and the problem of syncopation. By combining new hand-tracking capabilities with traditional hip-syncing gameplay, RockHardVR has created something truly original. Every VR gamer should try it at least once, especially considering the game is so easy to stream.

More about the developer:

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