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3DX Chat is a social sex game with VR support. The game features an open multiplayer world where you can dance, flirt, and fuck with other players.


3DX Chat Description

3DX Chat is crossplatform so there’s usually a decent number of players to interact with. The customization options are somewhat limited, but the ability to talk and interact with real people for VR sex more than makes up for this. The avatars are all kind of “samey” compared to something like VR chat but there are a number of interesting environments to explore including beaches, clubs, and restaurants. The game supportsĀ  teledildonics like the vStroker.

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4 reviews for 3DX Chat

  1. admin


    Nice game in theory but could use better VR integration.

  2. Hamfist`

    When was the last update?

  3. Justin

    My balls!! Aaaaahhhhhh!!

  4. urmom69


    how do you actually open the game?

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