Bumpy Ride

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A busty redhead bares her chest and reminds the world why big boobs are still relevant. Please support the artist by visiting the RapidBananaCannon Patreon.


Brigitte has been around the world and back in search of a good man. Despite her good looks, she’s been unable to get a real man to commit to her. She’s had lots of dates, but no true love. Feeling herself getting older, she decides to take matters into her own hands and resolves to give her virginity to the first man over 6ft tall she sees.

sound @VolkorNSFW

voice @PeachyMizz

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RapidBananaCanon’s animations strike a nice balance between expression and realism. His sexy models tick all the important boxes without veering off into uncanney valley territory. As great as his work already is, RBC is still growing. It will be exciting to watch this upcoming animator develop in skill and popularity as the months progress.