Perfect Titjob

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Your big dick is no match for her perfect tits in this sexy vr porn collab between Lazy Procrastinator and DarkDreams. Please support the artist by visiting the DarkDreams Patreon.


Perfect Titjob Description

A sexy assassin known for her magical bladework wants to take a break from all the slicing and dicing. She decides to show you her softer side and makes you cum without even taking her tits out.

DarkDreams Team Description

Known to make her blades levitate through her smooth movements. She makes something else rise in you too. Sit down. The Blade Dancer has one more number to show you. I’m sure she will get to see your 10/10 star rating right on her face.

– Secretary Karissa

Animation by Lazy Procrastinator ( ), sound by EvilAudio ( ), and voiceacting by Kassioppia ( ).

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DarkDreams is one of the most prolific 3D porn artists in the VR community. His masterful renders feature all the sexiest video game characters and often involve bdsm or fetish themes.