Writing Guidelines

  1. Titles: 30 – 60 characters. Capitalize the first letter of each word except for prepositions.
  2. Paragraphs: No giant walls of text. 3-5 sentence max paragraphs is good writing style
  3. Section Headers: The article should be divided up into sections (e.g. Graphics, Story, Game Mechanics, etc). Each one of these sections should get an H2 section header. The headers should be left-aligned.
  4. Images: Every article should have at least three images. One featured image and two other images in the body of the article. Images should link to the game post on LewdVRGames.com. Images should be credited to the game developer. The game developer credit should link to the game developer page on LewdVRGames.com.
  5. Links: Every article should have at least two internal links – one link to the game that you’re writing about and one link to the game developer. Both links should point to their respective pages on LewdVRGames.com. You only need to link each destination once in the body of the article. No linking to any external sites unless explicit approval is given.
  6. Layout: Here’s an example of a finished article that gives a basic idea of how section headers, images, and links can be arranged. https://lewdvrgames.com/she-is-sexaroid-review/
  7. Post Category: The post category for all articles is “words” This can be changed in the right sidebar of the post editor and ensures that the article is displayed with the correct side margins.
  8. Keywords: All articles must include the following keywords: “vr porn game”, “vr sex game”, and “adult VR game”The main point of the articles is to get LewdVRGames a higher ranking in Google so keywords are actually the most important thing about the article.
  9. Tags: We don’t use tags very much. If the article is a review, tag the article “review”. That’s pretty much it.
  10. Length: Aim for around 1,000 words per article
  11. Voice: You are an independent contributor, not LewdVRGames. When necessary, use phrases like “LewdVRGames supports Oculus Quest”, not “We support Oculus Quest”.
  12. No duplicate content: Work must be unique and not published elsewhere. This is very important to avoid Google search penalties.
  13. Correct English: Use Grammarly to check for grammar and spelling before saving as “pending review.” Grammarly is really useful free software that all professional writers should use.