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Classmate is a VR hentai game built for the Oculus Quest. It’s the first VR porn game with hand-tracking capability. The full game is available for purchase on DLSite here.

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ClassMate VR Description

Remember that day in college where you failed to make that cute girl cum? If only you had a second chance…

Well, now you can go back to that day and use hand-tracking to get the job done right.  Classmate VR presents the ultimate “climax challenge”, where you can redeem yourself. If you’re able to make the lady cum, you’ll get a reward.


  • To move, hold both hands and swing your arm up and down. *It will not move with your hands open. In the full version of the “Ikase Challenge”, only the middle finger will respond.
  • To adjust the viewpoint position, you need to pinch your right hand (attach your thumb and index finger).

Note: Be sure to enable the hand tracking function on the Quest. Please test the trial version before purchase to confirm compatibility.

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14 reviews for Classmate

  1. LewdReviewer

    Very cool that the developer built hand-tracking into the game. Adds to the immersion for sure.

  2. sefgsd


    I dont understand how to play its all in chinese and it seems theres a time limit to something can you tell me what that is?

  3. Anonymous

    How do I win? The girl blocks the door and the other runs away then the clock runs out? What happened?

  4. Anonymous

    i cant even open the door, is there a trick? also i cant translate the japanese

  5. Anonymous

    This was a waste of time and money, Make an Eng version then maybe I’ll play.

  6. waterwayshour


    How do I move forward on the Quest?

  7. qwerty_hate


    Excellent proof of concept! It was a bit confusing at first, but I understand the technology is experimental and still has issues. The demo IS really short, but that’s fair, considering this is probably the pioneer for a whole genre. Keep up the good work, man! If there were something I could add, it would be some arrows to guide you around; I accidentally went the wrong way at first. I can’t wait to see what you make next!

  8. HUAHUA8741


    How do I move forward on the Quest

  9. rewrisk


    I like the concept of this and hope to see more come of it?
    Bit confusing not knowing the language but a little perseverance and I found the way I think?
    By way of a hint; Faith can move mountains, me I used my head.

  10. bigdickoreng


    How do I install? it goes to bluestacks, but is stuck installing

  11. rujgffhi3644


    once i download it what do i do

  12. Vacant Eyes

    Vacant Eyes

    Stuck in the demo. May someone please enlighten me as to what I need to do during the timer, when the black-haired girl shows up blocking the door? Unfortunately I can’t read Japanese so any help would be greatly appreciated, and I’m sure many others would be grateful as well.

  13. Anonymous

    How do you move?

  14. Anonymous

    Practically unplayable on Quest 2. Firstly, it’s all in Japanese. Then I couldn’t properly use the controllers. I had to keep switching between controllers to actually move around, and hand tracking to interact with the game. Took me forever to realize you had to wave to the girl through the window.

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Pixy is a Japanese game developer who specializes in VR hentai and other adult VR games. He’s famous for his hand-tracking work on the Oculus Quest and is one of the few adult VR game developers who truly understands the ground-breaking potential of VR porn.