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Classmate is a VR hentai game built for the Oculus Quest. It’s the first VR porn game with hand-tracking capability. The full game is available for purchase on DLSite here.

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Remember that day in college where you failed to make that cute girl cum? If only you had a second chance…

Well, now you can go back to that day and use hand-tracking to get the job done right.  Classmate VR presents the ultimate “climax challenge”, where you can redeem yourself. If you’re able to make the lady cum, you’ll get a reward.


  • To move, hold both hands and swing your arm up and down. *It will not move with your hands open. In the full version of the “Ikase Challenge”, only the middle finger will respond.
  • To adjust the viewpoint position, you need to pinch your right hand (attach your thumb and index finger).

Note: Be sure to enable the hand tracking function on the Quest. Please test the trial version before purchase to confirm compatibility.

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2 reviews for Classmate

  1. LewdReviewer

    Very cool that the developer built hand-tracking into the game. Adds to the immersion for sure.

  2. sefgsd


    I dont understand how to play its all in chinese and it seems theres a time limit to something can you tell me what that is?

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Pixy is a Japanese game developer who specializes in VR hentai and other adult VR games. He’s famous for his hand-tracking work on the Oculus Quest and is one of the few adult VR game developers who truly understands the ground-breaking potential of VR porn.