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Wild Life is an adult RPG with lewd loot, sexy sidequests, and much more. The game is created by a team of indie developers who go by the name Adeptus Steve. Please support the developer by subscribing to the Wild Life Patreon page.

Note: keyboard and mouse are required (Press Alt+V to enter VR mode).


Wild Life VR Game Description

Wildlife is an adult RPG that was originally built for desktop but that now includes VR support. The game is one of the most popular adult experiences on Patreon and is basically the Skyrim of porn games. Many of the games features are normally only found in AAA titles. There is no touch controller support but if you’re willing to use a keyboard and mouse, this game has a vast world of erotic experiences to explore in your VR headset. Full Wild Life VR review here.

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1 review for Wild Life

  1. lewdreview


    Such a cool game. Wish the devs would add better VR support.

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Adeptus Steve is a small team of indie developers with a dual passion for video games and porn. Their adult themed RPG, WildLife, is one of the most popular porn games ever made for good reason. It’s the closest thing to a porn MMO the industry has and features a lot of game elements usually only found titles from much bigger development teams. When the developers added VR support to the game in 2018, it instantly became a hitamong VR porn gamers.