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Honey Select is an advanced character creator with VR support. Thanks to the huge library of mods, this VR hentai game has a virtually endless amount of NSFW content to explore.  See below for download and installation instructions.



Honey Select VR Game Description

Honey Select is a truly great adult VR game but it’s notoriously difficult to set up. The general overview of the process is something like this:

  1. Find a way to download the base game despite the fact there’s no official English version available for sale
  2. Install the game
  3. Install the patch tool, otherwise known as the Illusion Plugin Architecture (IPA)
  4. Install the uncensored patch
  5. Install the English translation patch
  6. Install the VR patch

If you’re willing to go through the tedious process above then here’s a list of installation guides to help you struggle your way through each of the steps:

And here’s where you can get the files you need:

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Game Features

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1 review for Honey Select VR

  1. lewdreviewer

    Amazing graphics and incredibly deep customization. Would be an easy 5 stars if it wasn’t so damn hard to get working in VR.

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