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VRGirlz is a VR sex experience that uses 3D scans of real girls. You can purchase additional girls from the VRGirlz website.


VRGirlz Game Description

VRGirlz is the original photogrammetry sex app. The game lets you collect, clone, and view real life body scans of hot Russian girls. The body scans are still images rather than video so you can’t interact with the models very much but the realism of the models is awe inspiring. If you’re interested in seeing the potential of photogrammetry for VR porn this game is amazing.

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Sex Simulator

Game Features

Free Demo, Body Scans, Touch Compatible

2 reviews for VRGirlz

  1. lewdreview


    Still the best example of VR porn photogrammetry. Wish more studios were doing this sort of thing.

  2. kwauntum


    Movement is great. Grab is great. Not much to do though.

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