La Douche

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Imagine you were invisible…What would you do? Well, imagine no more, in this VR experience you get to be invisible… And you are in a Shower Room with this beautiful lady… what could be better?

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La Douche VR Game Description

La Douche is the original voyeur VR porn game you play an invisible man who hangs out in a girls bathroom as she showers and strips. The game features several different models who are all customizable via an easy to use slider menu. There’s a blonde, a black girl, and a redhead and all can be tweaked to your exact liking. The developer, ZnelArts, made a another game called Villain Simulator that’s even more ambitious.

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Free Demo, Touch Compatible

1 review for La Douche

  1. bathman

    The only VR porn game that I know of where you can watch a girl shower

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ZnelArts is one of the OGs of VR porn game development. His virtual voyeur game La Douche was one of the most advanced VR sex games for its time and still holds up extremely well. His more recent project Villain Simulator is even more ambitious and explores a wild theme with a bunch of unique character interactions. Never content with the status quo, Znelarts is a true creative artist who has been pushing the boundary of virtual reality porn for years.