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Meakrob Sex Game is a unique sex simulator with gorgeous visuals.  Please support the developer by subscribing to the Meakrob Games Subscribestar page.


Meakrob Sex Game Description

Meakrob’s Sex Game is a very different kind of sex simulator. It still has the great jiggle physics and deep customization found in other games of the genre, but it adds a unique art style that favors expression over realism. The beautifully smooth animations found in the characters’ face and body are unparalleled in the industry.

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Sex Simulator

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Free Demo, Soft Body Physics, Touch Compatible

3 reviews for Meakrob Sex Game

  1. lewdreview


    The original art style of this game makes it unlike anything else in adult VR. No other game has sexy characters this expressive.

  2. SukebeDude

    The free demo linked here (as of 08-29-2020) is the old version that has been around for years that was made using an old version of Blender as an engine, the new version is developed on Unity and probably will be a lot less janky, don’t think there’s a public demo version yet though.

    That said, this old version is impressive in its own right, there’s nothing quite like it, it’s expressive and fun if yet limited, hard to navigate and clearly unfinished.

    Either way, i am really looking forward to the new version.

    • admin


      Yes, super excited for the new version. I’ll definitely be sharing the Unity version once it’s available. The facial animations in this game (even the free demo version from Blender) are second to none.

  3. Vinnian


    Has anyone heard from Meakrob? Or did he just vanish?

    • admin


      Dude just vanished. Even his Twitter doesn’t have any new posts Absolutely tragic. He was one of the most talented devs in the space imo.

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Meakrob is one of the most naturally talented developers in adult VR. His beautiful game without a name showcases the amazing potential of Blender for VR. His silky smooth animations are still unmatched in the industry.