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My Lust Wish is an adult RPG with VR support. The game is built on Unreal Engine and features a beautiful open world, a deep story, and compelling gameplay. Please support the developer by visiting the MyLustWish Patreon page.


My Lust Wish Game Description

My Lust Wish was inspired by Skyrim mods and “Bully” by Rockstar Games. The story revolves around a young blonde girl named Ashley who traveled from a small town to the city in search of higher learning. Surviving campus life is more difficult than she expected and Ashley has to learn to navigate the city on her own by earning her own money and taking care of herself for the first time.

You decide the course of Ashley’s life as she explores her new surroundings and her newfound womanhood. Whatever you wish she will do as you increase her lust level to unlock content.


  • True open world environment with a town full of activities
  • Proper day, night, and weather cycles
  • 100+ unique NPCs to interact with
  • Involved narrative with mystical and horror and of course sexual elements
  • Advanced character management system that gives you control over all Ashley’s wants and needs including hunger, sleep, hygiene, and arousal
  • Character customization
  • Control over which career path Ashley pursues
  • Control over Ashley’s promiscuity
  • Cool clothing system with dozens of outfit combination
  • Quick time event sex system that gives you control over the intercourse
  • Incredible graphics built on Unreal Engine

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Adventure, RPG

Game Features

Story, Touch Compatible

1 review for My Lust Wish

  1. CupcakeDream


    What I write for this review is the experience I had with the game, everybody will experience things differently. This is my honest review if you don’t like it well tough. Also no game is safe from a review whether its early access or full release. Now onto the review.

    First, my system specs, so you can understand what I was using to play this game…
    Windows 10
    CPU: AMD Ryzen-5 2600x Six-Core Processor 3.60 Ghz
    Mem: 16 GB
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 (Not TI)
    HDD: A few, the main one is a 1TB SSD.
    VR: Original Vive with Index controllers (and original Vive wands)

    Next, since I am testing a VR game understand I count them in 3 categories…
    1st: VR Only games. These games can only be played in VR (Example Beat Saber)
    2nd: VR Supported games. These can fully be played in or out of VR (Example Vert-A-Mate)
    3rd: VR Mode included games. These games are mostly desktop monitor games. And include a little bit of extra VR content. (Example Megadimension Neptunia VIIR) When I review these games, I will do it split. Both the non-VR part and the VR parts.

    Now for My Lust Wish review…
    This game is a VR mode included game…

    First, since you are looking at this for the VR content I will start here…

    1: Awesome graphics!
    2: Incredible animations.
    3: Good sounds.
    4: You play with a sexy girl.

    1: VERY limited VR content.
    2: Limited hand use.
    3: Limited movement options. Though oddly I was capable of climbing the walls and furniture,

    It currently is extremely limited. One girl in a room where you can set her to very few limited animations. Mostly with a sex machine that will fuck her in various poses. You can’t interact with her much beyond the normal breast physics. If there is more, I could not uncover it. There are these dick swords sitting around that all I was able to do was swing them around. And you can set her to be wearing lingerie or fully nude. And adjust the speed of the machine. It’s one of those games where you have disconnected hands. Moreover, I could not flex my fingers unless it was to grab an item (the dick swords or the levier to adjust the machine’s speed).

    Second, The non-VR game mode… (I have not fully played this yet.)

    1: Awesome graphics!
    2: Incredible animations.
    3: Good sounds.
    4: Nice story.
    5: You play as a sexy girl.

    1:Still seems like it needs more work.
    2: Wish it had Gamepad support.
    3: Wish this mode worked in VR. With the above gamepad support.

    It’s a story-driven adventure about a girl learning all about how she loves SEX! She seems to me to be a bit of a pushover. And very weak-willed. There are several nice sex seans to find (Wish I could replay them after finding them.) And I REALLY want to play this full game in VR. The dev is probably one of those that think that third-person games don’t work in VR. For those that feel that way PLEASE check out “Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice VR Edition” on Steam.

    Summary: VERY good base game but still needs some polish. VERY limited VR mode that I don’t see myself going back to much if any.

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