Cat Girl Playroom

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Cat Girl Playroom is a VR Hentai game from a studio called Shimenawan. The game lets you oggle, cuddle, grope, and fuck a cute Japanese school girl. Free demo download available below. Full game is available for purchase from the Real Time 3D DLSite page.


Cat Girl Playroom Description

Cat Girl Playroom is a VR Hentai game with an authentic Japanese art style. The game transports you to a cute girl’s bedroom where you get to feel what it’s like to have sex with an anime chick.

Game Features

  • VR and desktop mode available
  • Sexy voice acting (Voice Acting: Mimi Mikami)
  • Clothing customization
  • Breast size slider
  • Multiple sex positions including cowgirl, missionary, side (lateral) sex, doggy style and more!
  • Scalable Character (can adjust the characters size anywhere from 1.2m to 2.5m.
  • Voice command support
  • Light Mode for low spec PC’s

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Game Features


14 reviews for Cat Girl Playroom

  1. lewdreview


    Cute VR hentai game that’s good for at least one orgasm.

  2. pamyu



  3. sir_kibble


    any instructions would have been nice. next time tell people it’s all unreadable to 99.5 percent of earth’s population.

  4. Wizardgaming


    fucking Ching Chong Bing Bong language

  5. Tobby

    To Wizardgaming

    First,it’s Japanese,not Chinese language。

    Secede,You useless pathetic loser

  6. xx69bigchungus69xx

    wizardgaming is uncultured

  7. karma83


    Question. Either I’m the biggest fucking idiot in existence or I’m just fucking stupid Cuz I cannot figure out how to get this open

    • admin


      What part is giving you trouble?

  8. jjl0302


    it opens as a desktop application but wont laucnch in my rift s?

  9. Throwaway16


    @Tobby I’m gonna venture a guess and say that he’s probably not concerned with the details lol. Hard to believe someone can be so brain damaged as so download a hentai game and be not only surprised, but offended that it’s not in English…

  10. AstroReyv2


    Any question on how i get the demo? It keeps taking me to the login page.

    • admin


      You have to create an account first. Once you’re logged into your account then the demo opens up

  11. true355664537


    looks good but after downloading it in the website it wont let me play

  12. neoraig654


    i cant understand it its in japanese i have no idea what to do

  13. cum

    im not racist

  14. heyyboo

    i download the demo but its not in my files anyone know what to do???

    • admin


      You have to sideload the game using sidequest

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