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Virtually Naked Review – Advanced VR Sex Simulator

Virtually Naked - Advanced Sex Simulator Review cgi vr porn game adult vr

Virtually Naked is a powerful sex simulator that lets you create and customize your ideal mate.

Art Style

Virtually Naked has some of the best graphics of any VR porn game to date.  With a style that trends towards hard realism, it might turn off some users who are especially sensitive to the “uncanny valley” effect. Nevertheless, it’s hard NOT to be amazed at the incredibly realistic look.


Like most VR sex sims, Virtually Naked is more about customization than gameplay. Aside from the elaborate creation controls, there’s not much to actually “do” in the game (aside from the obvious of course). That being said, there is certainly enough magic in the details to keep you entertained for hours.

One advantage worth noting is the relative ease with which you can adjust the character’s features. A series of intuitive sliders is all you need to make your CGI dream girl. This user-friendly approach makes the creation process feel more like play than work. Download Virtually Naked.


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