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VR HOT Review

The best VR projects have their own unique soul that is visible from the start. Many, if not most projects, currently start from the same sets of purchased model assets. After a while, they all start to look the same. The good projects offer robust customization that takes you past these generic looks. The best projects are appreciably different from the very start.

Your sexy lady friend isn’t flailing around with cheesy mo-cap dances. She’s standing (or sitting or laying down) with more casual idle sequences. I caught her going into a dance only once and I’ve had her standing more than anything else. This makes the game feel more cool and casual than most of the other games in this genre. The coolness and casualness especially comes out in the voice acting and dialogue choices. There is not a constant barrage of faux horniness. She’s not a hooker late for her fifth date trying to get you to hurry up and do her now. She asks how you are doing. She tells you that you can talk to her – if you want to. She talks like someone who is just as happy to chill and watch TV as she is to bump pixels.

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Besides pushing buttons to put her into sexual positions, she also can detect when your naughty bit is trying to make an entry and adjust to it. Grab her head and as you move her towards your staff she smoothly opens her mouth. One cool bit I noticed is that somehow she knew to switch to lollipop suck when it was just the tip in her mouth for a while.

The most advanced feature of VR Hot is the ability to attach a controller to your hip for motion control. As you thrust your hip your character thrusts his hips. The girl auto-gyrates so the combination is great when you can get it all aligned.

Naomi – hottest bod in the game. I loved lighting that ass (click image for full size)

My absolute favorite technical feature in the game is the three light sources. All three are adjustable. One is on the camera (your head), there is a moveable floor lamp, and there is the sun with day-to-night control. I don’t like the default lighting when you start the game. It’s too bright and makes everything look flat. But with three light sources, you have a simple beginner lighting rig to play with.

I was very surprised when I bumped against the floor lamp with my hand and it dimmed. It was then I saw a protruding button. You can slide it up and down and it controls the lamp brightness. The sun and headlamp are in the menu system but the lamp sneakily has its own controls. Pulling the sun into warm sundown while adding light from the headlamp and floor lamp mutes the room and makes her stand out more. Things look and feel far more like an intimate “date night”.

The physics issues and other rough edges make it a date night with my drug addict girlfriend but still – my waifu doesn’t sound like a rental date.

It’s not a night of VR Hot sexy 3-ways in every position of the kama sutra. It’s neither beach sized sand-box of everything nor a character builder with option details for nose hairs.

And I’m happy that it isn’t. Right now It’s an adult game for horny guys who also watch Bob Ross. I hope it stays that way.

It can be casual and calming with happy accidents leading to new things to try.

My fully charged sweetheart is custom made by my own one hand (click image for full size)

Initial Skepticism

I was initially very skeptical of VR Hot. This was in large part due to the game’s name which sounded a bit generic to me. It gave me the vibe of another asset flip. So it sat in my ignore category as I watched the status of all the usual suspects of CGI physics porn projects.

So what do I think now that I’ve played it? Is this the new hotness for VR? No. And I wouldn’t expect it to be.

At the time of this writing – the game is not finished. All the problems and bugs seen in a VR project under development are showing up.  The UI is rudimentary and inconsistent.  The controls are rough making it difficult to align yourself if you aren’t in a room-scale environment.

The state of the default girl Anna is no short of a crime. She has a bald spot on the top of her head. She seems like a nice girl but her VR Hotness has been sullied with clipping hair. She’s the first girl everyone runs into – she needs to be the most pristine in fit and finish. Poor Himari suffered more than just a clipping hair. We were having a good time together before her character imploded and flew into space. Your current sexy waifu finding her end in such a brutal fashion is not something you get over easily.

It’s all fun and games until somebody implodes. I’ll miss you dear Himari (click image for full size)

So let’s assume you are new to adult VR and you’re looking for something epic. You’ve upgraded your PC and are now running your Oculus Quest or Valve Index or Nintendo Virtual Boy at peak levels … should you wait or buy?

Adult VR is simply not yet about finished projects. It’s about having fun and seeing where you’ll invest your hopes for something special. VR Hot is a great example of this and definitely has the potential to become one of the better games in the space.


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