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Captain Hardcore is a futuristic sex simulator developed by AntiZero. Please support the developer by subscribing to the Captain Hardcore Patreon page. Note: The free demo is for PCVR only. The Oculus Quest build is only available to Antizero’s Patreon subscribers.


Captain Hardcore VR Description

Updated Feb 11th, 2021

Captain Hardcore is a sci-fi sandbox where you customize your android lover. The game builds on previous games like Virtamate and places a heavy emphasis on realistic graphics and advanced jiggle physics. By adding a cool cyberpunk style and a build for the Oculus Quest, the game attempts to reach a wider audience than its predecessors. The Oculus Quest version is only available to AntiZero’s Patreon subscribers. The free demo above is for PCVR only.

For this update I focused on adding POV (point of view) mode and improving the existing animation and posing systems. The toy animation feature in particular is a lot of fun and opens up a lot more possibilities! 😏

For the next few updates I’ll continue to improve and finish the existing features until I’m happy with the way everything is working.

Finalising these systems will allow me to move on to adding new content such as hair, clothing and environments in the future. I’m not adding these yet as it’s important the character models and systems are finished first, and I still have some work to do there.

The next update will be for Quest, more info soon!

Update v0.9 change list:

NEW: The head can now be moved, rotated and animated easily. This took a while as it required an upgrade to the IK system and a lot of adjustments to the physics but it was a much needed function! This really helps with posing characters and can be animated like the other IK points. It also works well in desktop mode.

NEW: POV (point of view) mode for VR and desktop. Press the POV button to teleport inside the body of any character and see through their eyes. Hold down right thumbstick to reposition/align yourself relative to their body in VR. You can use a Vive tracker strapped to your waist to control the hip movements! Hip tracking also works with a controller attached to your waist if you set it to toggle grab, so you can enjoy this feature even if you don’t have trackers.  Press A or X to exit POV mode.

NEW: All spawnable objects can now be animated. You can animate a toy thrusting or a paddle spanking for example. This opens up lots of new possibilities!

NEW: Individual clear buttons for each IK point that erase their motion. Toys and other objects also have a clear motion button. This makes it a lot easier when animating a scene as a mistake no longer means erasing everything.

NEW: All toy colours can now be adjusted and some toys also have adjustable opacity and glow effects.

NEW: Vive trackers can be attached to any point on a character including the head for blowjobs or the feet for foot tracking.

NEW: Up to three Vive trackers are now supported. Set them to Waist, Left Foot and Right Foot in “Manage Vive trackers” in Steam VR.

NEW: Lock pose setting. This hides and locks all IK points in place so you can’t accidentally grab one and mess up your scene.

NEW: You can now attach the long dildo and penis dildo to the Penetrator.

NEW: Settings to control the strength and damping of breast, bum and thigh jiggle.

NEW: The + and – buttons  on the timeline now control animation playback speed.

NEW: 2 new scenes (Sexy Time 2 & 3).

Improved: It’s now much easier to rotate and position the hands in VR.

Improved: Upgraded to a new IK system that allows better head/spine movements. This was needed to create the head IK point.

Improved: Optimised the character animation blueprint.

FIXED: Move object button not working after grabbing an IK point.

FIXED: After deleting a character the move and delete buttons are still visible.

FIXED:  The Vive tracker button now works properly, you no longer need to press T to attach to an IK point.

FIXED: It should be easier to grab the ass in no motion controller mode.

FIXED: Issue with reflections when loading the ship level from the Cyber Masturbatorium.

FIXED: When loading a custom texture the file name is displayed in red even though it loaded correctly.

FIXED: When changing from VR to desktop and back to VR extra Vive trackers are being spawned.

FIXED: Fire particle spawn rate in the Manor Bedroom.


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Sex Simulator

Game Features

Free Demo, Character Customization, Soft Body Physics, Sex Toys, Touch Compatible

13 reviews for Captain Hardcore

  1. lewdreview


    Really solid VR sex simulator that keeps improving with each iteration.

  2. friedtoes


    please explain to me how to download quest version because when I drag file into side quest it says unrecognized file

  3. TT69420


    Probably one of the best lewd vr games ever created.

  4. apexappetite


    How do i sideload onto quest? or even use with quest? no explanations, no help. It’s not an APK or OBB so it cant be sideloaded. Yet you say its for quest.

    • admin


      The free demo is for PCVR. The Quest version is only available to Antizero’s Patreon subscribers.

  5. Gaijin1


    This really wasn’t ready to be a paid release. 1 white girl in her late 20s I guess. If you want a different race, teen, or mature, no luck. 2 terrible hairstyles and morphs between 5’8 to 6’5 by the look of it. Breasts have a lot of options as long as you like them big (no flat chests like my wife). Wish I could change the face a lot more. Can’t change eye size or color. A lot of other options have sliders that make hardly noticeable changes. Why have such limits? Let people make mutants if they want.

  6. DISSA

    The Quest version blew my mind. I can only imagine how amazing this would be with full features. I hope Antizero continues to develop on the Quest platform!

  7. Anonymous

    do i have to use side quest?

    • admin


      Yeah, you have to use sidequest in order to sideload. There are probably other ways to sideload but they are even more difficult. You have to subscribe to Antizero’s Patreon to get the Quest version of Captain Hardcore though. The demo here is just the PCVR version.

  8. scavwithlegfetish


    That is some next level stuff right there

  9. hamfist

    Probably the best VR porn game for the Quest. Just wish I could buy it outright instead of subscribing to Patreon for it.

  10. Xenith


    Someone willing to share their account so I can get the Oculus version?

  11. medu

    Really great sex sim, gets old pretty fast though. The lone developer creating this game has open sourced and abandoned it. I hope it gets updated by the community, however if it does not, it’s still a great game with native quest support.

  12. Just some guy

    The patreon is totally worth it.
    Just pledge 20$ and you get the current full builds for both pc and quest.
    Pc is at 0.10.1 you can create your own characters (as many as you like) and you can customize scenes. Really is the best porn fame ive seen.
    On quest it is up to v5 which finally brings more toys and male characters. With the ability to render up to 5 ppl in one scene. Pc side you can render up to as many people as your hardware can do before getting stuttering and other issues. Pc version works ok wirelessly with air link and virtual desktop. Although its a gamble on which one will be more stable.

  13. jackson rally

    it says unrecognized file in side quest

    • admin


      The Quest version is only available via the devs Patreon.

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Antizero is a developer with style. Not only does he have one of the coolest pseudonyms in VR porn, he also developed the industry’s first cyber punk VR sex game, Captain Hardcore. Captain Hardcore is a sex simulator of the highest caliber that launched on the scene somewhat unexpectedly in 2019. The rate of the game’s development has been astounding and speaks volumes about this artist’s incredible talent. Recently, Antizero has begun porting his game to the Oculus Quest which, if successful, will easily make Antizero the #1 VR porn game on the Oculus Quest for the first quarter of 2020.