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Captain Hardcore is a futuristic sex simulator developed by AntiZero. Please support the developer by subscribing to the Captain Hardcore Patreon page. Note: The free demo is for PCVR only. The Oculus Quest build is only available to Antizero’s Patreon subscribers.


Captain Hardcore is a sci-fi sandbox where you customize your android lover. The game builds on previous games like Virtamate and places a heavy emphasis on realistic graphics and advanced jiggle physics. By adding a cool cyberpunk style and a build for the Oculus Quest, the game attempts to reach a wider audience than its predecessors. The Oculus Quest version is only available to AntiZero’s Patreon subscribers. The free demo above is for PCVR only.

Latest patch v0.5 adds a ton of cool new features including:

  • Custom motion-capture animations. Press the select button (there’s a prompt that pops up) while grabbing a sphere to start recording. Press it again to stop recording and playback the animation as a loop.
  • Elbow and knee controls! They are hidden by default, with an option to toggle visibility in the animation menu.
  • 57 new face morphs, including eye shape, size, position and angle,  and new nose and mouth shapes.
  • Face morphs are now organised into subcategories (nose, mouth, eyes etc) for ease of use.
  • The clothing system has been completely re-done and improved on. It’s now possible to add and remove as many clothing slots as you like, and each slot can have any item of clothing equipped. This makes it possible to combine items and accessories in any way you like.
  • Clothing colours can now be edited! Some items have multiple sections to edit.
  • Click on a morph name to go into “Thumbstick mode”. You can then adjust and scroll through the list using the thumbstick which makes it much easier to keep your eyes on the girl and see the changes.
  • Auto stretch setting – the ass and pussy gradually stretch and become wider as they are penetrated. Afterwards, they will slowly return to their original state.
  • Doe strap-on. This is still a work in progress. Once inserted use the attach system to attach it to the character’s pelvis and keep it firmly in place.
  • Drink collectables with dynamic fluids (WIP). A few of these are scattered around the ship, they don’t do anything yet but in another update I’ll be adding the names chosen by patrons and a collectable system which keeps track of which ones you’ve found
  • Dark empty environment very similar to the Quest level, it’s simplicity (it’s literally just a floor mesh) should give better performance than some of the other environments. There’s also no baked lighting so you can create a nice dynamic lighting setup from scratch.
  • New clothing items
  • New character presets
  • The attach system for joint handles now works in VR. Select a joint handle by grabbing it and then press the attach button in the Animation menu. The laser will turn blue, aim and press the select button to choose an object and attach. You can attach two characters hips together for example, or attach their hands to a table etc.
  • Vive trackers can now be attached by pressing the button on the tracker, much easier than using the keyboard!

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Oculus Quest, PCVR


Sex Simulator

Game Features

Free Demo, Character Customization, Soft Body Physics, Sex Toys, Touch Compatible

4 reviews for Captain Hardcore

  1. lewdreview


    Really solid VR sex simulator that keeps improving with each iteration.

  2. friedtoes


    please explain to me how to download quest version because when I drag file into side quest it says unrecognized file

  3. TT69420


    Probably one of the best lewd vr games ever created.

  4. apexappetite


    How do i sideload onto quest? or even use with quest? no explanations, no help. It’s not an APK or OBB so it cant be sideloaded. Yet you say its for quest.

    • admin


      The free demo is for PCVR. The Quest version is only available to Antizero’s Patreon subscribers.

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Antizero is a developer with style. Not only does he have one of the coolest pseudonyms in VR porn, he also developed the industry’s first cyber punk VR sex game, Captain Hardcore. Captain Hardcore is a sex simulator of the highest caliber that launched on the scene somewhat unexpectedly in 2019. The rate of the game’s development has been astounding and speaks volumes about this artist’s incredible talent. Recently, Antizero has begun porting his game to the Oculus Quest which, if successful, will easily make Antizero the #1 VR porn game on the Oculus Quest for the first quarter of 2020.