VR Kanojo

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free demo download button squareVR Kanojo is the quintessential VR hentai game. Developed by Illusion, this game is generally considered to be the gold standard of girlfriend sims. Full game is available for purchase on Steam.

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VR Kanojo Game Description

VR Kanojo stars a stunningly beautiful school girl named Sakura Yuuhi who giggles and flirts her way to your heart. You interact with Sakura through a series of advanced touch controls and head movements. Read more in the full VR Kanojo review.

Kanojo is complicated, just like a real woman. In order to unlock all the scenes you need to satisfy her properly. Here is a basic walk-through if you get stuck. Warning: the following section contains heavy spoilers.

How to unlock the bathroom scene:

    1. Fuck Kanojo doggystyle with the condom.
    2. Fuck her doggystyle again (this time without a condom). You will notice a heart on the screen now
    3. Rub Kanojo with your hands while you fuck her until the heart is full.
    4. Once the heart is full Kanojo will tell you she’s done and the heart will turn blue again
    5. Orgasm like normal but then pause and quit the scene
    6. If done correctly you’ll be taken directly to the bathroom scene

How to play the bathroom scene:

  1. Massage Kanojo until the bubbles in her hair are spread across her entire body
  2. Eventually, the bubbles will reset and return to only her hair. If Kanojo is acting differently this time it means you’ve progressed
  3. Select the exit sign that’s over the bathtub
  4. If you completed the massage properly you will be taken to the bathtub
  5. If you finish the bathtub scene correctly you’ll see a short cut-scene of Kanojo next to the tub
  6. When you return to the main menu, you’ll now be able to access all of the scenes directly


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8 reviews for VR Kanojo

  1. LewdVR

    One of the best VR hentai games

  2. lewdreview

    This is the game that made me realize VR waifus are better than real women.

  3. Anonymous

    The best

  4. bckstabberYT

    I downloaded the file just to find out that I cant sideload it because its not an apk. Not sure if there is a separate download for quest, but I also want the full game and have no clue where to find it, without getting a virus.

  5. antdawg96

    i cant open it im just stuck on the resolution part and if i click oculus riftit just opens the oculus software but i cant run it

  6. Spiritual Pagan


    Sadly it’s not Quest Compliant.

    It’s a PC based game, and the PC must be VR Compatible

  7. Anonymous

    Runs too slow on my PC. Models are nice tho.

  8. BobtheGamer

    If only there were physics. stale animations

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