Tongue Kissing Sim

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VR kissing simulator with voice acting and gesture controls. Full game available for purchase on here.


Tongue Kissing Sim Description

A unique VR game that simulates intimate kissing with a girlfriend. Both hands can be free and the game can be played with head tracking alone. For example, you can answer her questions by nodding your head. She will react to different head movements and there are 3 different outfits for your girlfriend to choose from. There is full voice acting and the game is compatible with Quest and masturbation devices.

Compatible with electric Onahole Manual operation is also supported

During the act, she will move in conjunction with the player’s movements by selecting “Please‚ÜíMove by myself”.

On the PC desktop, she will move with the movement of the mouse, and in VR, she will move with the swing of the controller.

Normally, she moves automatically.

At this time, an electric onahole and a controller vibrator are interlocked.

Only PC, but electric masturbator is supported.

It works with Buttpulg compatible devices.

Connection is automatic.

You can check if the device is connected or not by pressing

You can check the number of electric onahole devices connected by increasing or decreasing the number of devices on the menu screen.

Operation has been confirmed with A10 Cyclone SA.

Game Controls

Hand Trigger” Movement

Hand Trigger + Analog Stick” Turn

Index Trigger” Selection, hand menu

Menu, buttons 1, 2, 3, 4 Menu

Hand menu

After selecting with analog keys, release index trigger to select

Motion gestures (common)

Vertical face wave Yes

Sideways face wave No

Motion gesture (in action)

Bow deeply. Stick out tongue.

Look away from her, either to the left or right, and then look at her again.

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Safu Games makes VR sex games featuring cute hentai girls. His games are for the Meta Quest 2 and often center around unique mechanics and dialogue. His most recent titles have started integrating voice acting and even some action elements.