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Cherry VX is a state of the art VR porn game with realistic models and sexy interactions. For the full game, please visit the Cherry VX Website.



Cherry VX Game Features

  • multiple models to  choose from
  • special “d” mode for intimate interactions involving hip movement
  • advanced customization features
  • multiple presets to choose from
  • 11 unique sex positions
  • grab and pose limbs
  • hands free mode
  • realistic sound effects and facial expressions

Full Hip Controller Support
Activate ‘D-mode’ to engage your virtual genitals with the models. Thrust with your hips for compelling 1 to 1 interaction. Full-body tracking is NOT required. Just hitch one of your hand-tracking controllers to the waistband of your clothing to experience ‘D-mode’ action in Cherry VX. Caters for both left and right-handed players. ‘D-mode’ combined with a men’s sex toy is the recommended way to experience the game. More info can be found on the CherryVX website and Patreon page.

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Game Features

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11 reviews for Cherry VX

  1. Vacant Eyes

    Is this a standalone quest game or does it require virtual desktop / link?

    • LewdVR

      There is a standalone build

  2. FreeToRoam

    I installed the Oculus quest build from the developers Patreon using side quest on my PC. I only really liked the look of one of the characters, even after Lots of customization, but that’s personal preference. Lots of potential, and I’m excited to see where the game goes.

  3. TrollKing

    Best NSFW on quest by far.

  4. Yee

    How do I download it from sidequest

    • LewdVR

      You can’t download it from sidequest. Facebook doesn’t allow porn on sidequest

  5. Anonymous

    how do i play it on the oculus quest 2 i download it but i cant play it when i click open?

  6. Anonymous

    how do i open it

  7. hgghksdhsd

    does this work on quest 1

  8. Anonymous

    How do I download it

  9. vriscka

    So I have the .apk downloaded to my PC. Now where do I put it in the Quest so I can run the game?

  10. Anonymous

    I wanted to play but it is just loading. is that normal?`

  11. huehfvjffsqqqqwertuombvn

    i cant open it

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