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Monster Girl Island is one of the most popular hentai games on Patreon. The developer, Redamz, added some partial VR support but only for the sex scenes. The actual gameplay is still pancake mode only. A free pancake demo is available above. To unlock the VR sex scenes, you must subscribe to the Redamz Patreon page.

Note: the demo includes about 1/3rd of the main story but this doesn’t include the sidequests that each individual girl’s backstory provides.


Monster Girl Island Description

This VR hentai game stars a bunch of anime monsters who are oddly attractive. Anything goes in this fantasy porn game featuring elves, kitsune, mermaids, and more.

The story begins with you finding yourself stranded on a remote island. You don’t remember how you got there but you quickly realize it’s unlike anywhere you’ve been before. That’s because the island inhabitants are sexy monster girls who are looking to get freaky.

Game Features

  • Open world elements allow you to roam freely throughout the island
  • Fully 3D world and characters.
  • Cool soundtrack with original music
  • Deep narrative with dialogue options and branching plot lines
  • Costume shop
  • Sex scenes

For more info read our full Monster Girl Island VR review.

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Game Features

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4 reviews for Monster Girl Island

  1. rewrisk


    Only tried the demo on PC and heard the VR option which is only available for the sex scenes is a bit crap. Though I will likely try it once I get a VR capable PC. I really like the concept and story not that there is anything lacking in the sexual options but you will have to work for them? The Dev is not a fan of VR and apparently not looking to develop it any further in that direction unfortunately. So only three stars though it probably deserves 4 or 5.

  2. lewdreview


    Amazing game, just wish the VR support was better.

  3. pheebs


    This would be cooler if VR support was all the time.
    I’d love to just chill in VR with these lovely ladies Dx

  4. xlMoonlight


    nice art but this shouldn’t be classified as a VR game considering it’s NOT a VR game, it just has extremely limited VR interaction with certain cinematics.

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Redamz is one of the most popular VR porn game developers in the world. His famous Monster Girl Island is one of the most successful adult VR games on Patreon and features a rich world and deep characters.