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ComeCloser is a unique sex simulator that privileges fun over customization. Please support the developer by visiting the ComeCloser Patreon.


Come Closer Game Description

ComeCloser is a sex simulator that is designed to be fun from the very first minute.  As soon as you load the game, the characters are waiting for you and the sex toys are on the table ready to use.

The goal is to allow each player to role play with unique characters that have been handcrafted by the developer as they discover their original personalities and stories in a visual novel narrative way.

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Sandbox, Sex Simulator

Game Features

Free Demo, Soft Body Physics, Touch Compatible

3 reviews for ComeCloser

  1. John

    can someone walk me through how to get this on oculus quest 2? I cant figure out how to play it.

    • admin


      This game is not compatible with the Quest 2. It’s a PCVR game. If you have a VR capable PC you can play it on the Quest with a link cable but otherwise it won’t work.

  2. Anonymous

    it looks great but you can’t. Play. It. On. Quest 2

  3. Anonymous

    I dig it. One of the few games I’ve found where you can tag a controller to your hip motion.

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ComeCloser is a talented VR game developer making an advanced sex simulator featuring beautiful female models and a ton of cool customization options.