Dance Dance Maker

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Dance Dance Maker by Novia is an Oculus Quest game that lets you upload your own music and models, then animate them to the beat. The game is free but you can support the developer by naming your own price.

Suggested price: $5.00



Dance Dance Maker Description

Dance Dance Maker features tons of customization options and is hand-tracking compatible. The game is not made specifically for porn but you can import your own nude models.

The developer made a series of video tutorials for Dance Dance Maker that help players get the most out of the game and import their own models from Sketchfab and VRoid.

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2 reviews for Dance Dance Maker

  1. Hamfist

    Interesting game. Wish there were more sexy models to choose from.

  2. rewrisk

    Only gave this 3 stars because development seems to have stopped and it does not appear to be possible to get music for it though models and animations can be made/converted and installed.
    Before I got a VR capable PC this was the game I spent the most time playing on my Quest.
    There are better options for those with suitably capable PC’s though.

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