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Virt A Mate is a VR sex simulator by MeshedVR. It’s widely considered to be the most realistic VR porn game ever created. Please visit the MeshedVR Patreon page to support the developer.

Note: There is a free demo with limited features and a premium version that requires payment. You can download the free demo by clicking the download button below. The premium version can be played by purchasing the LewdVRGames bundle.

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Virt-A-Mate Game Description

Virt A Mate is one of the most popular VR porn games for good reason. It has amazing graphics, deep customization, and a ton of community-created content. The sheer quality of the visuals alone is enough to make a player drool. The gameplay itself is rather technical but only because there’s so much you can do. Even if you’re not interested in creating your own custom scenes there is so much user-generated content that you’ll never run out of sexy experiences. The combination of awesome graphics and realistic physics make VaM the gold standard for VR sex simulators.

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9 reviews for Virt-A-Mate

  1. lewdreview


    The best VR sex simulator, period.

  2. Flyingman6706


    can i get it on quest

    • admin


      Unfortunately, there’s no Quest build for Virtamate yet. It’s only playable on PCVR.

  3. esmith313


    looks great on the demo. purchased the bundle here from lewdvrgames bundle link. how do i open full acess?

    • admin


      When you download the game from, there will be a special key in the download folder. Enter that key when you launch the game and you’re golden.

  4. Hamfist

    Scary realistic

  5. Gneipr


    Really good new updates

  6. x3ro456


    Hands down the best VR game. No lewd VR game even comes close.

    The only thing holding this game back is its steep learning curve, hardware requirements (for vr), and the clothing system is a little wonky. Other than that this game is easily a 100 out 10. Can’t wait for what they do with VAM2

  7. blobchicken


    This is the beginning of the future of VR sex simulators. Much more consistent than HOTVR. Impressed

  8. zmoney


    can i get it on quest 2

    • admin


      This game is not available on Quest 2

  9. meamoos


    Anyone know what the girl in the video is?

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MeshedVR might just go down in history as the single most influential VR porn game developer of our generation. By combining high-quality skin textures, realistic physics, and natural lighting, MeshedVR captured the hearts and balls of millions of horny VR gamers. His revolutionary game, Virt-A-Mate, showed the world what was possible with VR sex simulators. While the game can function as a VR sex sandbox, it can also act as a surprisingly robust animation suite that community members are only beginning to scratch the surface of. Virtamate currently sits at the top of Patreon as one of the highest-grossing VR porn games of all time and it’s rate of growth is still only accelerating.