Forbidden Ninja Scroll

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Forbidden Ninja Scroll is a narrative driven VR Hentai game for PCVR and the Meta Quest from the reknowned creators of Let’s Play with Nanai. This demo is PCVR only. The full PCVR and Quest version are available on the Forbidden Ninja Scroll Patreon.


Forbidden Ninja Scroll Description

This narrative driven VR hentai game has you in the role of a promising young martial arts student named Hachiro. On your journey to become head of the Kunoichi harem, you undergo rigorous training from a mysterious kunoichi (female ninja) who resides deep in the mountains.

The final game will consist of two main parts:

  1. Story-driven adventure
  2. Simulation-based ‘mini-games’ where a player will interact with Kunoichi in VR.

Game Features:
・Heart-warming and compelling Ninja storyline with Kunoichi (Female Ninjas), released in episodic order.
・“Real time” interactive, sexy game-play in both VR and non-VR
・Beautiful art by a popular adult artist, Rororogi Mogera
・Cool & edgy music and song by DJ SHARPNEL feat. Natsu Aikawa
・A comical scenario with a multiple endings (based on the player’s decision) by Saburo Miura.
・Voluminous 3D model by Kakomiki.
・ASMR, binaural voice contents that makes users feel immersively surrounded by the characters
・More to be announced!

The game is co-developed by ImagineVR and Portalgraph (a new studio formed by members of VRJCC) who created “Let’s Play with Nanai!”, an interactive and haptic VR girlfriend simulator which received a lot of attention in Japan and at overseas conventions such as Anime Expo.

・This demo has UI in English, Japanese, Chinese, German, French and Spanish.
・This demo can be played in VR and non-VR.

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A small team of independent developers with a ton of talent, the creators of Forbidden Ninja Scroll are staged to dominate the VR porn gaming scene with their super polished hentai game that’s playable on both PCVR and the Meta Quest.