Harem Etch

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Immerse yourself in the harem-themed VR world of ‘Harem Etch,’ crafted by ‘vr game shop,’ offering a rich array of features, interactive freedom, and customizable avatars, enhanced by exclusive hand tracking and pass-through capabilities on the Quest 2 VR headset. Full game available on DLSite here. 


Harem Etch Description:

“Harem Etch” is a virtual reality (VR) game created by “vr game shop” that provides an immersive experience in a harem setting, stressing a large range of features and flexibility of interaction. It has elements such as Harlem ecchi, lesbian play, and the ability to summon up to ten characters.

The game provides a large amount of freedom, allowing players to interact with the girls’ bodies in numerous ways and participate in various positions and perspectives, including a subjective point of view.

The player’s hand movements and controller inputs can impact the girls’ movements, with the possibility of hand tracking for additional involvement. In addition, users can customize the size of the characters to their liking. It’s worth mentioning that the Quest 2 VR headset is the only one with hand tracking and pass-through capabilities.

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VRGameShop is a Japanese game developer who specializes in VR hentai games for the Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, and Quest Pro.