Help the Giantess

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Help a busty giantess feed her insatiable lust for riches by inserting gold coins into her big sexy mouth. Full game available on DLSite here.



Help the Gaintess Description

Get the 5 golden coins hidden in the room with the help of a hungry giantess. You must cooperate with the big lady if you want to reach the highest places.

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2 reviews for Help the Giantess

  1. Hard2Impress

    yet another moonrune demo with no english whatsoever. From what I can tell from the trailer and the dlsite, you’re supposed to look around for these coins with the help of the giantess, but all she does is walk around aimlessly; you can’t call her to give you a lift like you’re supposed to. I’m not even sure the coins actually exist in this release. You cannot interact with her in any way aside from standing on her boot while she’s standing still (soon as she moves, it pushes you off). Also no, you can’t get crushed by her.

    All in all, very boring and honestly not even remotely nsfw so not sure why it’s on this site.

  2. seth

    Game doesnt work. you’re given no objective, and you just stand on a desk with the giantess walking around looking at you. theres a button to mark a location you point at and another that presumably calls for her to pick you up, but it doesnt do anything. i explored a bit and couldnt find anything to collect or find. Dont waste your time

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