Hypnotizing Beauty

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Use your toy gun to play sexy time with your hot neighbors in the VR hentai game for Quest and PCVR. Full game is available for purchase here.


VR Ray Gun

Enjoy playing with two horny sisters and a special ray gun

Pulling the trigger on the ray gun has interesting and sexy effects that change the situation

The female characters are fully voiced to enhance immersion and build intimacy.

Runs in a variety of environments

Quest2 stand-alone operation

Quest 2 (OculusLink)


All have been tested on actual devices

Operation on PC desktop is also supported.

VR controller operation linkage

Controller linked to movement while grip keys are pressed.

The controller shakes in accordance with the movement.

VR controller vibration function

Vibrates in accordance with the girl who moves automatically.

Electric masturbator compatible

It moves in conjunction with the girl’s movement and the controller’s movement.

Operation has been confirmed with A10 Cyclone SA.

Operation Method

VR Controller

Analog stick” Move

Analog stick + Trigger key” Turn, up/down

Trigger key” Use

Grip keys” Hold

1, 2, 3, 4 tap” Hentai menu

1, 2, 3, 4 button press and hold” Menu

PC desktop mode

Mouse Point of View

Mouse left click” Use, grab, Hentai

Mouse right click” Mode change

Mouse center click” Hentai menu

WSAD key – Move

Spacebar” Up

Shift key – Down

F key” Menu

About operation


Tested with Quest2

Desktop PC

win10GamingPC (Can be displayed and played on a monitor)



Meta Quest 2(OculusLink) confirmed on actual device

HtcVive Operation confirmed.


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Safu Games makes VR sex games featuring cute hentai girls. His games are for the Meta Quest 2 and often center around unique mechanics and dialogue. His most recent titles have started integrating voice acting and even some action elements.