Married to an Oni Bride VR

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Oni Bride is a PCVR game with a romantic story about finding love in the most unexpected of places. Full game is available on DLSite here.




Married to an Oni Bride VR Story

Japan is in the midst of a decade long war. Amidst the gunfire, you lose your parents and a young oni girl takes you in. After years of intimate relationship, you are starting to develop romantic feelings for her.

When you confront her about these embarrassing feelings you’re surprised to hear that the feelings are mutual. Your first night together as a couple is magical, and after it’s over she admits that she’s actually loved you since the moment she met you.


Married to an Oni Bride VR [Owl shop]

Oni Girl (CV: Yufu Nonami)
An oni girl who grew to love you while she raised you. She lives a hermit-like life far away from humans. Despite her mature looks, she has a very pure heart.

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