She Is Sexaroid

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She Is Sexaroid is a VR hentai game by Daminz. The full game is available for purchase here.


She Is Sexaroid Game Description

She Is Sexaroid is a VR hentai game that lets you have digital sex with an anime android. Programmed to please, this pseudo-sentient sexpot will do anything you ask her to, especially if it involves something naughty. The game has a host of sexy features including realistic breast physics, touch controller support, and a bukkake system. Read the full She Is Sexaroid Review here.

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5 reviews for She Is Sexaroid

  1. lewdreview


    Quality VR hentai game. Wish there were more game with this much depth.

  2. Aarkuma


    This is a fantastic sex simulator – plenty of positions and interactivity with her. For a free game, this is pretty amazing.

  3. Ouster

    The graphics are REALLY good, mind you that in order to have lag free experience you need some pretty hefty hardware.
    Too bad it seems they abandoned the project, hopefully there will be something similar in the future

  4. HamburgerHotdog


    first vr hentai game, kinda go crazy

  5. hallow


    i don’t know how to open

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