Monolith Bay


Monolith Bay is an open world adventure with adult themes. Please support the developer by subscribing to the Team Monolith Patreon. The game is built for desktop but includes a VR sandbox mode. The VR mode does not include all the game features.


Monolith Bay Game Description

Try and rescue your parents from limbo with the help of your stepsister and mad scientist uncle in this crazy sex adventure by Team Monolith.

Game Features

  • A vast open world with quests, dialogue, and sex
  • A sexy sandbox mode where you can play with all the adult animations and naked characters
  • An intuitive character creator where you can make your ideal woman
  • Community sharing feature that lets you share your sexy creations with other players
  • Fun dating system with interesting dialogue choices and cool rewards
  • A job to earn money and build your character

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Game Features

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Team Monolith makes truly original video games that have a a style and gameplay all their own. Their main title, Monolith Bay, is an adult VR adventure game that features deep gameplay and a compelling narrative.