Orc Hero VR

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Orc Hero is a Zelda inspired hentai game for the PCVR. Full game available on DLSite here. 


Orc Hero VR Description:

The story involves a sad orc who has lost his sex drive. In an attempt to stimulate. the sad Orcs spirits, a village elder presents him with a beautiful elf who’s willing to do anything the Orc pleases..

An elven girl who is drawn to you becomes the hub of your adventure thanks to your attractiveness. You move through a fascinating narrative that combines temptation and salvation into an enthralling story of redemption and desire. This narrative has the capacity to elicit euphoric ecstasy or alluring torment.

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TsuruNekoSoft is a Japanese game developer that likes exploring fantasy themes with a sexy twist. His game feature elves, orcs, and other fun characters.