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Poke Abby is a VR porn game by OxOPotion. The developer is kind enough to make his game publicly available before going MIA.


Poke Abby VR Game Description

PokeAbbyVR is easily the cutest VR porn game you’ll ever play. It takes place in a magical libary filled with pixie dust and pheromones. When a ridiculously thicc school girl named Abby visits the library she gets a sexy surprise from a lecherous spector. You play the horny ghost  whose job it is to make Abby cum with your ephemeral touch and a magical dildo. The better you do, the more Abby will reveal.

You can customize the character in a ton of different ways by changing her outfit, skin color, and more.

Poke Abby by OxOpotion is one of the most unique vr porn games out there. In an industry filled with sex simulators, Poke Abby goes the other direction. It’s highly stylized hentai style aims for cuteness rather than realism. The story driven gameplay adds a sense of fun that’s lacking in most other VR porn games.

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19 reviews for Poke Abby

  1. lewdreview


    One of the cutest VR porn games out there. We need more creative titles like this.

  2. WhyHoeXD


    Great game. One of the best I’ve seen both in and out of VR. Love the art style, the animations, the “voice acting” (not bad quotes, there isn’t much talking).

  3. King_steve


    how do i open it

    • admin

      LewdVR (verified owner)

      The file is compressed. You can uses Winrar to decompress it. Winrar is free and can be downloaded from here: https://www.rarlab.com/download.htm (you most likely want the winRAR x64 version)

    • admin

      LewdVR (verified owner)

      The file is compressed. You can use Winrar to decompress it. Winrar is free and can be downloaded from here: https://www.rarlab.com/download.htm (you most likely want the winRAR x64 version)

  4. pheebs


    Super good game, enjoyable as hell.

    Shame I cannot find the creator anywhere, they seem to have vanished.

  5. ilmannafish


  6. trerthghy


    my hands arent working on link

  7. KatKing94


    how do i play it

  8. Ma4riox21


    How can i acces the game ? How can i play any game? Is there a tutorial or instructions ?

    • admin

      LewdVR (verified owner)

      You download the game, unzip the file, and launch it on your PC. The gameplay itself is super simple.

  9. datii


    this is poggers

  10. nickwebster87


    so…it’s a desktop game pretending to be vr? i’m so fucking confused lol

    • admin

      LewdVR (verified owner)

      It’s full VR. Not sure what you mean by “pretending”

  11. Jhon Hancock

    Jhon Hancock

    Does it work on an Oculus for example and how? How do you get it to full VR?

    • admin

      LewdVR (verified owner)

      This game is PCVR. No Quest unfortunately

  12. mime

    really cute, the aesthetic is adorable and the setting seems sort of natural enough for people who like at least a little plot, but it goes into the action at just the right time, and fairly quickly too. will support the full release of this game when possible.

  13. rkeves


    download was super quick game was smooth if you have not tried I reccomend.

  14. henkie323


    how do i play it on vr

  15. neatgamer99


    can you plays this on a computer or laptop by it self

  16. Loony


    I’m like my name said I’ve been looking for love all my life unsuccessfully good game though for a lonely soul (I understand this is porn I’m still not just talking about Lust)

  17. Netik

    Game looks like it’s for mobile 😛

  18. TransVR

    Wii avatars in a porn game? no thanks

  19. killsniper100


    how can i download the game? where i click?

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OxOPotion is a lewd VR developer that marches to the beat of his own drum. When all the other studios were making tall polygon babes and dildos, OxOPotion decided to make a thicc anime chick with an affinity for ghosts.