Premature Ejaculation Practice

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Test your orgasm control in this hot jerk-off instruction game made for PCVR. Full game available here on DLSite.



Premature Ejaculation Training Game

“Hi Hubby! It’s time for our daily premature ejaculation correction training. Let’s do our best today, ok?

Gameplay involves moving your hands in sync with the movement of the girl. If you reach orgasm before you are given permission, you fail and a very strict punishment awaits you. The challenge gets more difficult as you progress through the game.

Game Features

  • Authentic voice acting
  • High quality animations
  • Patented character shader for realistic graphics
  • Realistic body physics
  • Multiple clothing options
  • Manga style cross-section view of penetration
  • Compatible with sex toys (A10 Cycone SA, UFP SA, Fleshlight Launch, Kiiro, Keon, etc)
  • Uses OpenVR so compatible with most PCVR headsets (HTC Vive, Windows MR, Quest with Link Cable, etc)

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Game Features

1 review for Premature Ejaculation Practice

  1. Anonymous

    The Demo is such a tease, the demo’s gimmick is that the progress bar pauses halfway through forcing you to prematurely ejaculate, you cannot finish in the demo.

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