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Project3VR was an early VR porn game project that aimed at combining room-scale tracking with VR sex.  The project has been abandoned by the dev but the demo is still playable.


Project3VR Game Description

Project3VR was an early adopter of VR who started experimenting with VR sex games in 2017. His VR sex simulator, Project3VR, had some interesting features for the time, but has since been abandoned. Hopefully, the developer will return to his game at some point and finish the project. Until then, all we have is an incomplete tech demo with a few sexy interactions.

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  1. lewdreviewer

    Game showed promise for its time but, as with many VR porn games, was abandoned before the vision was realized.

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Project3VR appeared on the VR porn gaming scene in 2017. His VR sex game project was decently well-received but incredibly short-lived.