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In this cute VR porn game, you shrink down to miniature size and let a hot giantess play with you. Please support the developer by visiting the Resize Me Patreon page.


Resize Me Game Description

Resize Me is a VR hentai game that combines multiple fetishes including schoolgirl, giantess, vore, and more. VR games lend themselves well to the exploration of scale and this game takes full advantage of that fact by inducing lust, excitement, and sometimes even fear?

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2 reviews for Resize Me

  1. lewdreviewer

    Bonus points for the weird theme, minus points for the weird theme

  2. AriaBushnel


    – Interesting story at least
    – Perspective of being tiny is kinda cool

    – Controlled with a traditional controller or mouse.
    – No actual scenes that people come to this site for, at least not in the demo (And that wasn’t mentioned in the description or the game, played through the whole 3 hour story the demo provided before I found that out lol)
    – Protagonist (Mokoto) is actually an idiot (Spoiler: There are other “tiny and realistic looking things” that are obviously shrunk down to size but Mokoto just kept saying they look well made or something)
    – Expected the giant girl to be playful, but turns out she’s psychotic and doesn’t care about murdering people when they’re tiny. Now that might be a real niche fetish I’ve never heard of but I’m assuming more than 99% of people who’d try this would be very turned off by that.
    – Story “ends” with a cliffhanger and a “To Be Continued”
    – Pretty much a complete waste of time if you’re playing this game with the same expectations as other games found on this site.

    Overall, not a bad game, just definitely doesn’t belong in this category. Not getting the full version/sequel or whatever you’d call it.

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MJ and Aoigai are a Japanese development team that like to make hentai games. They’re not afraid to explore unconventional themes and fun fetish content.