Shima Dog

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Shima Dog is an AR hentai game that lets you to turn your wall into a booty portal. Full game is available for purchase on DLSite here.



Shima Dog

Wouldn’t you like to summon your favorite character? What if you could only summon their buttocks?

Shima Dog is an AR app that runs on Meta Quest2 and uses the pass-thru function, born from the concept of “a magic tool that summons only the buttocks from another world”.

Set the photo and characteristics and summon the butt from the portal. Summon your favorite ass anytime, anywhere!!!!!

How to Summon a Butt

Summon the butt from the portal by setting the photo and characteristics.

Read the image in a specific folder in Quest2 and set the characteristics. Summon with the summon button.

When the bar is displayed, the bar moves back and forth depending on the up and down of the neck

You can display a stick with the A or X button and move the neck up and down to make a piston movement.

The way I’m thinking of playing is to lightly move the neck up and down while rubbing a real dick.

The full version of the game includes an ejaculation function. Ejaculate with the B or Y button when the bar is displayed.


You can select the atmosphere of the gasping voice heard from the other side of the portal. You can choose from 6 types (including no voice).

About the operation test application

・ ABXY button and grip button test

・Is MR displayed?

・Image loading test

The buttocks are not shown.

Purchase is not recommended if the operation test application does not work.

Please Read Before Purchasing

This application is for Meta Quest2 only. It does not work with other VR devices, PCs, smartphones, etc. Also, a PC is required for APK installation and image replacement.

Please be sure to install the operation test application (from the trial version download) and check the operation before purchasing. The current external (real world) display is black and white. This application is a joke application. Please do not use it for the purpose of harassment or use it in a way that hurts others.

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