Shy Beauty

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You find yourself in a room with a shy woman who is inexperienced when it comes to sex. If you play your cards right, you can get her to open up to you. There is a standalone and PCVR version. Full game available for purchase on DLSite here.

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Shy Beauty Description

A VR hentai game by AmiAmiVR with fun interactions and progression. Game features include touch interactions, sex toys, undressing mechanics, and more.

Developer Description

A VR touching simulator!

  • Confined Girl VR [AmiAmiVRGame]

    – Touching
    Tease her all over!

  • Confined Girl VR [AmiAmiVRGame]

    – Fingering
    Feeling her up isn’t enough! Get those fingers moving to send her into fits of pleasure!

  • Confined Girl VR [AmiAmiVRGame]

    “Massage” her where it counts!Confined Girl VR [AmiAmiVRGame]

Experience the fun of sexual training!

  • Confined Girl VR [AmiAmiVRGame]

    She needs to be warmed up first but if you play your cards right she will gladly spread her legs for you.

    Confined Girl VR [AmiAmiVRGame]

    Keep it up and she’ll start to relax. Then you can get those pesky clothes off…

    Confined Girl VR [AmiAmiVRGame]

    Her reactions will gradually change, too! Try out a lot of stuff and see what she’ll do!

    Confined Girl VR [AmiAmiVRGame]

    And then yeah, sex.

Compatible Devices

■Meta Quest 2 (Oculus Quest2)
Please use the misitsu.apk file in the APK folder.

■Oculus Link
Please use the misitsu.exe file in the Oculus Link folder.

■SteamVR (HTC Vive)
Please use the misitsu.exe file in the Steam VR folder.
(Compatibility not confirmed with non-HTC Vive devices)

Please confirm compatibility via the trial version before purchase.

Materials Accreditation

* Original 3D Model “Imerisu” ver1.03 / Jingo

* Outfit: kazawappa

* 3D Materials/Massager: “Karan”

* Sex SFX: Kuchukuchu / CN Studio

Stock Audio::
ゲームや音声作品に今すぐ使える!喘ぎ声音声素材集~元気な少女&綾波系少女編~ / Kimirinko. (Aya Kuchitani)

Stock Animations:
えっちモーション素材集vol.4 / Sex motion materials vol.4 / Yunimi’s Atelier

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Game Features

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  1. wye

    trial kinda sucks but im sure the actual game is good

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